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The digital workplace is the equivalent to the physical workplace, this requires strong planning and management due to its fundamental role in people’s productivity, engagement and working health.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been at the forefront of advanced mobile technologies and fiber broadband in the Middle East. The UAE is one of the regional leaders in e-commerce and e-governance, while cloud services are gaining momentum.

Every business is becoming a digital business, rapidly changing when, where and, most importantly, how people work. BYOD Forum UAE 2016 will look in detail at the introduction of IT policy where employees are allowed or encouraged to use their personal mobile devices—and, increasingly, notebook PCs, tablets and mobile devices to access enterprise data and systems. This event will support the digital workplace and technology transformation to optimise employee engagement, enhance business performance and deliver ROI on IT investment.

BYOD Forum UAE 2016 will gather 100+ CIO’s, CTO’s, IT experts, Security Managers, and service providers from different sectors to discuss case studies and strategies for developing, implementing and delivering a resilient BYOD System and strategy to enhance organisational performance and deliver maximum ROI on IT investment.

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Did you know?

  • The global market for BYOD will increase from $67.21 billion in 2011 to about $181.39 billion by the year 2017
  • 59% of IT decision makers believe they would be at a competitive disadvantage if they didn’t embrace BYOD.
  • Analysts have forecasted that by 2016, worldwide shipments of smartphones will reach 480 million, with 65% being used in BYOD environments.
  • Workers are more productive when using their own devices; U.S. workers save an average of 81 minutes per week by using their own devices.
  • Over 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018
  • 90% of workers in the United States are using their personal smartphones for work purposes.
  • 54% of people now use an iPad for work purposes.
  • Up to 70% of employees with smartphones regularly check their emails outside of normal working hours.
  • 80% of all BYOD is completely unmanaged.
  • 77% of employees have received no instruction in the risks of using their own devices at work.
  • Less than 10% of all organizations report they have complete awareness of what devices access their networks.
  • Only 64% of companies currently have a BYOD policy in place.
  • By 2017, one in two firms will no longer provide devices to their employees.
  • Employees will bring their own device – no matter what. 67% of people use personal devices at work, regardless of the office’s official BYOD policy.



Learn how to implement the BYOD in your organization and the policies needed to launch it
Understand how to secure your data and systems
Determine which devices and strategy is suitable for you to follow
Learn from successfully implemented international & UAE BYOD case studies
Ensure you are up to date with best practice policy being used for BYOD

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The ACM Interface+ conference format is designed to optimise the valuable and finite time our busy delegations can dedicate to being out of the office while also enhancing their enjoyment of the ACM on-site experience. Specifically tailored to our region of operations here in the Middle East, the Interface+ format maximises networking opportunities, facilitating the building of profitable relationships within the context of a dynamic, efficient and relevant learning environment.

ACM conference days, using the Interface+ format, have an earlier start than conventional agendas and conclude with a late lunch. The conference sessions are regularly punctuated by refreshment and networking breaks to allow for unhurried face-to-face interaction between peers, colleagues and business prospects. The mid-afternoon conclusion of our formal conference agenda allows for government representatives and busy executives to adjourn earlier in the day, having still enjoyed a full and rich programme of content. Post-lunch, ACM will offer additional, optional learning and networking opportunities in the shape of workshops, product demonstrations, technology launches, site visits, pre-arranged 1-2-1 business meetings and hosted receptions.

Interface+ makes timing sense for our delegates and business sense for our sponsors.